About Prices

About Prices

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I've been told that I am the "MOST EXPENSIVE" dog trainer in the area, and I have also been told that my dog training costs are "The Most Bang for your Buck". I guess it all depends on what you are  looking for and comparing to. For instance, my fees are much more than Petco® or Pet Smart® dog training classes. But I do not train in a store or group setting with a group of other dog owners with dog treats and clickers once a week until you are tired of going...I work with you, one on one in your home privately and in selected parks in the area as we progress. I also really don't compare to other in-home dog trainers in the         because most charge a per visit fee and train using treats and clickers. I do not. Instead I charge a onetime fee for a Program that you choose from or a pay as you go program. PLUS I teach canine communication techniques without treats and clickers. ( This is why my techniques work so quickly and are so easy to learn!) I am not here to milk my clients week after week like some might. Instead I focus on your dogs results and your satisfaction. If you are looking for a professional dog trainer in         and have a budget of around $450 and up, who can help you get you and your dog to the goals you want in a short period of time, then look no further, I'm here to help you.  Email me to set up your free in-home assessment. From there I can assess your dog and the dynamic in your home. We can go over your goals and  I can go over the different Programs available to you to choose from. If you decide to move forward, we can start straight away. 

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