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What is a dog training boot camp? What are the benefits of doggie boot camps and what are the draw backs? Dog boot camps are also called board and train camps. Or just Board and Train. The objective of these locations are to do most of the dog training for you. These training locations  are heavily located in The Woodlands and Houston areas due to their size needs (usually a couple acres are needed for the housing and separation of the dogs) and typically cost $2000 to $6000 and up! So how do they generally work? In some cases a single owner/trainer runs a facility and trains with the dog 20- 30 minutes a day, maybe twice a day. In other cases the facility hires young men and women, usually in college or in high school and teach the new trainer the methods used at that particular dog training boot camp. Dog training methods typically used in these locations are treat and clicker training where the dog gets a treat for completing a training request like “Sit/Stay”. This treat is accompanied with a clicking sound from a clicker. This is a “ Mark”. Marking with the clicker sound is then ingrained in the dog as a good thing that she then understands that “Sit” gets a treat when done on command. Eventually the clicker replaces the treat and then praise replaces the clicker. Doggie Boot Camps are great for busy families that really don’t have any time for training their dogs. They usually are mostly geared towards basic obedience training only. Sit-stay-down-place-come mixed with some basic leash work. 3 to 4 weeks of this boot camp is typical. The dog stays at the training facility and gets training about a total of an hour a day broken into two half hour sessions a day. Some trainers only do a half hour a day once a day with the dog. In the end of boot camp for dogs, the owner then goes to the facility to pick up their dog where a trainer then shows the owner how to continue the training at home. Like I said before, this is a great option for busy families. However keep in mind that the owner will still need to do the dog training at home for the results to “Stick”. Usually about a half hour a day. Treat training is a very old style of training that can work for basic obedience training, however it probably won’t address the basic behavior issues of the typical family dog like jumping on guests, barking, counter surfing, pulling on leash with distractions, coming when called with distractions, chewing on furniture, shoes etc. If you are considering a Dog Boot Camp or Board and train then please keep this in mind if your hoping to have your dog returned to you as a perfect angel. Also be prepared to keep a ton of treats on hand and make sure you have the time to continue training your dog almost daily. On the other hand you have another option known as In Home Dog Training. This is my specialty. This is where your dog not only learns the basic obedience lessons but We will also address all the In Home training like the behavior problems I mentioned above. Also, we won’t use any treats or clickers or shock collars or any other physical punishment. Best of all I teach not only your dog but you! So when we’re done your dog listens and is bonded with you. Plus your dog gets to stay with you! You will need to be able to work with your dog about a half hour a day and set up the exercises that I will show you. That’s all! Oh and I won’t charge you an arm and a leg ;)
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