Imagine Having The Dog You’ve Always Wanted…

  • No More Leash Pulling
  • Stop The Jumping on Guests 
  • Easily Control Your Dog at The Front Door
  • Enjoy Peace & Quiet at Home Again
  • No More Destroyed Shoes & Phones
  • Learn In Your Own Home One on One
  • Come When Called With Distractions 
  • Dog Training With a Guarantee 
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Scott Beckman "The K9-Coach" Dog Trainer The Woodlands Texas.
For over 18 years now I have been helping people train their dogs to be the best they can be. I teach my clients in their own homes, where dogs AND people learn best. The training methods I use utilize pack leadership through Canine Communication. Without Treats or Physical Punishment.

"No Treats or clickers, No Physical punishment , No Alpha Rolling...Ever..... I'll teach you how."

Never Harsh-Positive Reinforcement
I teach you the proper voice tones-and body language that dogs already use to communicate with. Simple yet powerful system of communication that anyone can master and isn’t harsh. If your dog understands what you want, he will WANT to make you happy and follow your rules. It's just that easy. If this Sounds too good to be true, please feel free to read some of my Google Business reviews when you get a chance, you will see people that were having the same kind of issues you are having now with your dog , and I can help you too. See my Home Page to learn more and see my Dog Training Programs.

My Dog Training Programs for The Woodlands, Texas cover:

  • Barking at Anything
  • Jumping on Guests
  • Leash Pulling- Leash Aggression
  • Coming When Called-Sit/Stay
  • Front Door Control- Door Boundaries- Door Rushing
  • Basic Obedience- Distance Control
  • Aggression
  • Counter Surfing- Stealing- Chewing
  • Potty Training- Peeing-pooping in the House
  • Home Boundaries/ Stair Control/ Rooms off Limits
  • Over All Control
  • Most any Dog Behavioral issues
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