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Private In Home Dog Training For Your Family Dog.
No Treats, No Clickers, No Physical Punishment
Learn The Art of Canine communication and Leadership 
For a Bonded Relationship and a Happy, well behaved dog. Guaranteed!
Free in Home Consultation ( Normally $99 )

         Are You The Leader of The Pack?

  • Does Your Dog Walk You and Pull You Down The Street?
  • Does Your Dog Jump All Over You and or Your Guests?
  • Does an Open Door Mean Your Dog Bolts Out and Runs?
  • Have You lost Shoes, Slippers, Socks or Anything To Your Chewing Dog?
  • Have You Seen Other Dogs Behave Off Leash and Always Wanted That?
  • Does Your Dog or Puppy Toilet in The House?
  • Do You Wish Your Dog Would Behave at BBQ’s and Party’s?
  • Are You Tired of All The Barking?  

    If you answered YES to two or more of the above then your dog is the leader of your pack. Believe it or not your dog doesn’t want to be the leader. Let’s make a change.

  • Dog Training at Your Home, on Your Schedule. Guaranteed.
  • Over2,300 Satisfied Dog Owners & Growing
  • Let’s Get Started! Contact Me Here and I’ll reach back to you shortly. Or read more about my style of Dog Training here.

Successfully Training Dogs in The Woodlands and Montgomery Areas Nearly 20 Years!

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