Is K9-Masterclass worth the price? Self help styles of dog training have been around for many years. From books to VHS tapes to dvd’s. Many dog owners seeking to train their own dog look to the internet these days which can be a positive thing, in many cases a simple book or YouTube video will suffice in answering the questions the dog owner has. Covering things like sit, stay, come, potty training, lay down and roll over are all simple dog training techniques that can be achieved with the help of treats and clickers. But is K9 Masterclass dog training wort it. Well the simple answer is, it depends. Video style training is at least 30 years old. And if you are looking for simple dog training, then yes, it can help. But anything more than the basics will most likely be met with frustration. Why? Because every dog is a little different, everyone has different goals, and most behaviors can’t be addressed with success through books or video as those mediums can not be tailored to your dogs needs and situations. Hands on trainers such as residential dog training is worth it. A residential dog trainer or in home dog trainer can guide you step by step and address the issues that inevitably crop up during training. Such as dog reactions, timing, body language, submission and defiant behavior. A residential in home dog trainer that is worth his or her weight will save you countless hours and frustration. Plus it actually does end up being a Master Class for you, live and personalized.
If you need a Masterclass in dog training in The Woodlands or surrounding areas, contact me. I’ll be glad to help.
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