The Incredible Dog Program

The Incredible Dog Program

Imagine.....going on a hike with your dog off leash, trusting and knowing she will be right there with you. Not leaving your yard and also coming when you call?....That it will happen in an instant, without hesitation, enthusiastically! With this program, it is a reality. This is the world of off-leash control. Keep your dog on your front lawn or inside the garage no more bolting down the street and not coming back. 

This Incredible Dog Program includes 7 lessons and Covers EVERYTHING in the "Awesome Dog" Program PLUS! Rock Solid On and Off Leash control. So that when you call your dog, she comes to you every time even with distractions around! You might want to go to a park and play fetch without fear of her running away, or bolting out the front door and running down the street and not coming back. If you want peace and harmony with your dog in every area, this is the program for you. It even has a Lifetime Support Guarantee. What are you waiting for? Contact me Here to set up a phone consultation and discuss which program is a right fit for you.

This is what is included in The Incredible Dog Program:

  • Barking
  • Biting-Mouthing-Nipping
  • Door Bell Insanity ( Barking, Jumping, Rushing out the door )
  • Jumping on Guests-Kids Etc
  • Destructive Behavior-Chewing on Furniture, Shoes, Remotes, etc...( If Needed )
  • Toileting In house-Potty Training-Peeing in house ( If needed )
  • Over all Focus -Control-Calmness-Energy Control
  • Leash Pulling-Leash Reactivity
  • Separation Anxiety ( If Needed )
  • MinorAggression-Dogs-People ( if Needed )
  • Obedience Training ( Sit/Stay with ROCK SOLID recall ) 
  • On and Off Leash Control with distractions
  • All Training Equipment included
  • Lifetime Support Guarantee

Training Programs start at $695

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