So you're looking for a dog trainer huh? But what type of dog trainer does your dog really need? There are a several dog trainers and videos claiming that they can solve your dog training problems in a variety of ways, but what does that mean? First the different types of trainers. The chain store trainers. Training classes in places like Petco® or Pet Smart® are the typical starting points for dog and puppy owners. In this type of class you will be part of a group of other dogs, puppies and pet owners. The instructor typically uses treats and clickers to train you and your dog and has you follow the same instructions over and over again. This kind of class is best for a puppy without any behavior problems to speak of. You will get some advice on sit/stay maybe some potty training and you might get 5 minutes of the training instructor’s attention. These classes last up to 12 weeks in duration and are inexpensive. The down side is most people don't finish the class and the scope of training is extremely basic. There are other more private/ group training classes available in Santa Clarita that are much better in my opinion but still use treats and are in a group setting. The next kind of training is the physical trainer. These dog trainers typically deal with larger more assertive dogs. They typically use E-collars, (shock collars- however the e-collars used today are much more humane compared to the 1980 shock collars) and physical punishment tactics to deal with dogs. Some dogs may need this kind of training in the name of safety or in a case where the dog may be destroyed if training does not work. In my professional opinion, 98 to 99 percent of family dogs do not need this level of training for the behavior issues I encounter on a daily basis.

The last type of dog trainer for most family dogs and puppies use a balanced system of canine communication and leadership tactics without pain or treats. That is what I teach my clients in their homes one on one.  It still amazes me how simple and effective body language and voice tones really work. The tactics I teach utilize the same principals of canine communication that dogs already use with each other. Have you ever seen an older dog teach a puppy to go outside to potty? I have, it’s awesome how quick dogs and puppies get it. The same principals apply to stopping jumping up, barking, leash pulling, sit and stay come when called, front door boundaries, yard boundaries, room boundaries and  a host of behavioral and obedience training issues for puppies and adult dogs of any age. If you are ready for a change in your dog, you will be amazed that it all stems from a change in you.

Scott Beckman

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