“Every time I open the front door, my dog runs out and I have to catch her or trick her in order to bring her back in. Can you teach my dog to come to me so I don’t have to chase her around the neighborhood?” Said almost every dog training client I encounter. I understand the reasoning, I really do! If your dog would come when called, no more chasing her all over the place, right? How about this instead, make running out the door against the rules. That’s right, instead of permitting door rushing and lack of boundaries, enforce a life saving rule like “Don’t ever go out that door unless I invite you.” Of course, teaching your dog to come to you when called, even when distracted is an important aspect of training your dog. But actually, setting rules like No Door Rushing in a way your dog understands, actually leads to a rock solid recall down the road. Why? Respect. That’s why. Letting your dog run her life without boundaries or any real rules from you is not actually big hearted and nice like it makes you feel. It sets you up and your dog up for future failures and frustration. Maybe a life of not the best relationship you could have had. Possibly even your dogs death due to the fact she wouldn’t listen when you told her not to run out. Maybe the Top 10 reasons your dog runs out the door or really never did listen to you, was because you permitted it in the first place. How do you set rules and boundaries? It starts with your dogs understanding of your “No”. And respecting it.

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