Why won’t my dog listen? Why won’t my dog come when I call him? Why does my puppy go potty in my house? Why does my dog jump up on me and my friends? Why does my dog run out the front door when I open it? Why does my dog pull on the leash? Why can’t my dog walk with me off leash? Why does my dog chew my shoes? Why does my dog counter surf or jump up on the counter? Well, these are just a few questions dog trainers hear daily. Most of these questions can be explained by something simple. Because you permit it. When you come home your dog greets you, you accept her terms of excitement and greeting (jumping up, barking etc.) and then you pet her and love her because actually you like the greeting and have allowed it since she was a puppy. Anytime your dog wants attention ( positive or negative) you respond to it. Congratulations you are being trained! The behaviors one accepts are the behaviors one gets. This is true of dogs and of people, and yes…children too. Wonder why your dog does that? Maybe its time to Look in the mirror. Or call a people….I mean Dog Trainer that can help coach you and give you the tools to teach/ train your dog to be what you really wanted all along. If we don’t set boundaries and enforce them, how can a dog know what not to do? Create rules and boundaries in a way your dog understands and respects and then you will be pleasantly surprised how well your dog listens to you.