Humans need exercise. If they don’t get enough of it, they become sluggish, overweight and out of shape. It’s up to you to save them from this tragedy. 

  1. Allow your human to put your leash on, don’t mess around and and run away, your human will not know what to do without this leash and will wonder away, or run off into traffic.
  2. Your human will need a sniff break in the shade now and then. Don’t forget and just “March On” for the walk. Give your human a break.
  3. You need to bark at others now and then, this keeps your human focused on the walk. Humans have short attention spans.
  4. When you need to go potty, just go… then walk away. Most likely, if trained correctly, your human will come over and pick it right up. They seem to enjoy this exercise.
  5. When your human isn’t paying attention, start pulling hard away from your human. This a is great power and balance training exercise for your human.
  6. When you first start the walk, make sure you stop to sniff and pee every 3 feet. This will let your human know that you are in charge of the walk!
  7. When your human starts leading in front to much, just stop. Sit down, put the brakes on. This will teach your human to go where you want to go and again, show who’s in charge here.
  8. Once you see you are almost home, slow down and walk nice and easy with your human. Make it a great experience when you return home. Humans have short memories, they will only remember the last 2 minutes of the walk and will take you out again soon because of positive reinforcement. Make sure you act and are excited when the leash is taken off of you. This is a bonus training marker. Your human will respond very well to you and most likely run to get you a treat while talking in that high pitch tone they are fond of. This is the sound they make when they are happy.