Almost wherever I go in The Woodlands and see someone walking their dog, inevitably the dog is walking them. Why? There are a few reasons. Leaders lead, so if the dog see herself as the pack leader her instinct will be to lead. Another reason........ the only walk she knows is the leash pull walk. Since she was a puppy, it was always fun. “Wanna go for a walk!” Says the dogs owner before every walk. Bringing out the leash, getting the dog excited, and heading out the door fully energized, the owner continues to say things like, “ Heel!, stop pulling, no!” Poor dog. The owner is actually training the dog to pull the whole time. Confusing the poor dog by yelling the whole time. The dog figures that’s just how we walk and poof! Another pulling pooch is born. We never showed the dog how a soft, easy, chill walk could be. Training the owner the simple principles of the walk with out pulling, yelling, yanking or bribing their dog is the goal of any great dog trainer. A skill a dog owner can have for life.