I get this question now and then. Or I hear “My puppy is biting me and it hurts!, she seems aggressive.” Knowing the difference between aggressive behavior and excited rough play is sometimes hard to differentiate. Does your puppy guard items or food with a low growl? Does he snap at you when you try to take something away? Generally puppy’s mouth and bite as a form of play, also they use their mouth to “touch” everything. They don’t have hands so they feel the world around them with their mouth. This is normal, puppy’s also play with their brother’s and sisters of the litter by biting and rough housing. Agin this is normal and important for socializing and boundary setting. Now and then you will have a bully dog in the pack. This puppy is usually much more confident. Maybe more aloof, doesn't seem to concerned about being corrected by you or anyone else. Look for signs of body language with your pup. Things like starring, tail high, ears up kind of an attitude. Maybe some stiff body language when you go to grab something from him. These are just some signs you might have an aggressive dog in the making. It might just be an alpha dog too. On the other hand, a happy, playful puppy won’t care if you handle her, grab stuff, seems sensitive to your “No”. Biting and growing from these dogs are generally all in playfulness. So if your puppy is biting, growling and chewing. Chances are, you puppy is normal.

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