It’s that time again here in The Woodlands and all across Texas and The United States! The 4th of July, Independence Day! A dogs worst nightmare. Yes smoked brisket and burgers and hotdogs, apple pie are all part of some fun leftovers for your dog that she is probably going to love! But the fireworks are her nightmare. Dogs are naturally afraid of Lou dogs banging sounds, most animals are. Heck some people are too. But your dog doesn’t understand what’s going on. Shaking, hiding, panting are all signs of stress and fear during this explosive day. One or two training tips I would offer here is, keep your dogs inside when the fireworks begin. Dogs will often just run trying to get away from the noise and this alone could get your dog killed. Another dog training tip I offer is use a calming tool like Benadryl during the activities. Make sure you use 1mg per your dogs weight by pound. Most pills come in 25 mg dosages so cut according. 

Another great calming tool for dogs is a Thundershirt for dogs. You can Google these, they seem to work great for a variety of dogs. Keep in mind, your dog will be wearing a jacket, in our Houston weather. So don’t let her over heat. 

Have safe and fun fourth but keep an eye on your dogs. They will be looking to you for safety and security.

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