Train your dog these 3 Things 

If you ever wondered when to start when trying your dog or puppy. These 3 things are great foundational teachings for any puppy or dog. 

  1. Know Thy Boundary’s: Teaching your puppy or dog boundary’s will give her a perimeter of allowance. For instance, correcting your puppy when she begins to potty on the floor begins the process of potty training. The first boundary.
  2. Know Thy Rules: Making rules for your dog helps pave the way to a happy dog that knows what to do and what not to do. For instance, if your dog likes to chew on your shoes, instead of just taking the shoe away and shouting “NO!” Put the shoe down and anytime your dog goes to sniff it, correct her and take it away. Replace it with something else that can be chewed like a toy. Take this concept and apply it towards any item and it will begin to sink it. That is a rule.
  3. Know Thy Collar: This is a great time for your puppy to learn about a collar and a leash. Pups by nature resist a leash like anything else would. If someone is pulling you in one direction, your instinct would normally be to resist. Same for a pup. So let's start by putting a simple collar on your puppy at age 10 weeks. Keep an eye on your pup while your puppy is wearing it. She may try to remove it, that’s ok. Let her play for a bit, she will loose interest soon enough. In the next few days just clip on a 4 to 6 foot leash to her collar. Let her drag it around, chew on it etc. The point is let her get used to a leash and collar. Always supervised of course. Take off the leash when you can’t watch your puppy. Your puppy should be ready to walk after all her shots are up to date and you give her the proper training.
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