Dog food? What’s the big deal? Well, many dog behavior issues can be attributed to high sugar and carb laden dog foods. If a child is eating sugary cereal before school he might be very distracted and hyper while in class, disrupting class and his own learning due to the fact that high carb foods creates a short burst of sugar energy and lack of focus. Well, dogs are the same way. What if you feed your dog or puppy food that artificially elevates their energy on top of the crazy hyper puppy energy they already have? Ever heard of the “Zoomies”? That time of day when your puppy goes crazy , we’ll add to that cheap high carb food and you get a wild creature. Dogs, by nature are carnivores, think wolves. They don’t eat soy and rice in the wild. They eat meat, protein, fat. When looking for a good dog food, look at the first 5 ingredients. It should read something like: “ Chicken meal, lamb meal, egg products, pea flour and rice”. It should not read “ Rice, rice meal, brewers yeast, pea protein and wheat flour “. The latter is full of carbohydrates and fillers where the first food if full of protein and fat which is much closer to a dogs natural diet that’s more of a steady flow of energy based foods that are digested more slowly and don’t spike your puppy’s blood sugar levels, which leads to a highly energized, non thinking, digging, chewing, barking, crazy dog that is very difficult to train and control. The first line of training is feeding your dog right to keep him full and happy. Not hungry and agitated

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