So many dog owners want my training help due to “Leash Reactivity”. You know what I’m talking about, you take your dog to the park and once you strap on his leash, he starts pulling and acting really excited and out of control. Then he sees other dogs and really starts pulling and barking. Or you take your dog on a walk around your neighborhood and everything is going well, then here comes that person with that dog again and bingo! Your dog starts acting crazy, pulling, jumping, barking and acting aggressive! Why? What happened? It probably started years ago or at least months ago. Maybe he never got socialized properly, maybe he had a bad incident with another dog, maybe he was introduced to another dog while being held back on a tight leash at several points of his leash walking days. Sometimes it’s just that another dog in the dog park picked on him ,scared him and he learned early to act tuff to keep others away.  I would recommend to my clients that we don’t take our dogs into a dog park until we have very good voice and tone control with him. Also never enter a dog park if you see bully’s in there starting problems with other dogs. Plus I won’t enter a dog park if there are to many dogs in there. This is a hard dynamic to control if needed. Another bad time for a dog park, in my opinion is near the end of the day when people get off work. You could be in the park with your dog and a few other dogs having a grand old time when suddenly 5 or 6 more people come in with their dogs that have been cooped up all day, full of energy (good or bad) and bringing a whole new dynamic into the park that was just a minute ago a peaceful place. Fights start for lesser reasons. My advice to you and your dog, please don’t introduce your dog face to face on a tight leash with another dog you don’t know. And please don’t enter a dog park unaware and just drop your dog into the fray. It’s just not fair to him or the other dogs that are already experienced. 

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