It’s really not dog training. It’s people training. By the time I get a call or an email for help with a dog that jumps up on people, runs out the front door, barks at everything and pulls like a mule on leash, the dog already knows she runs the home.
Teaching a dog the rules of the home or outside is part of being a good loving dog owner. Not teaching your dog how to be a well mannered dog can actually get her killed. Running out the front door and not coming when called can easily end her life when that pickup truck runs her over, never even seeing her. 

Do you feel like you are showing her love by not setting boundaries and enforcing them? If your dog doesn’t listen and jumps up on kids and people and knocks someone over and hurts them, are you just going to keep apologizing for her? It’s not her fault…. She has no idea what the rules are, or that she’s doing anything wrong. If she’s allowed to jump on people or she just doesn’t listen to your constant “No Jump!” Commands or anything else for that matter, it’s not your dogs fault. We get what we allow. In life and in dog training. 

If you don’t know how to teach her, hire a dog trainer who does. Preferably without treats or harsh punishment techniques. If you live in The Woodlands area, I can help you train with your dog. But if not me, get someone professional with a great rating. Your dog deserves it.

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