The most frustrating part of puppy training has to be potty training or house training. How can we get that little puppy to stop peeing on the floor and go outside? Why does my puppy go potty outside and come right back in my house and go pee again! Right in front of me!? Why does my puppy hate me? Lol. Your puppy doesn’t hate you, your puppy or dog isn’t stupid your little doggy isn’t being spiteful ( Yes, I know you think she is). It’s just that your dog has been in the wrong school.  Dogs aren’t born knowing the rules of a pack. They don’t speak any language at all let alone human. Yet we yell NO as if that word is a magic word. I’ll tell you what that word is to your puppy. Scary. Confusing. I often am asked “Why does potty training a puppy take so long?”  It should take 3 to 4 weeks if done correctly. Only 3 to 4 weeks, if that seems like a long time, remember it takes a human around 2 years to potty train! We expect so much from our little pup and demand high performance from them at all times. Yet it takes 12 to 14 years of School before a human kid can flip a burger... let me say, that potty training a puppy is a lesson of time and consistency for a dog owner. But 3 to 4 weeks is a blip on the timeline of her life. So be patient, be understanding and if all else a professional. After all, once you learn the art of dog whispering, you will know it for life and be able to pass it on to your kids. Thats a great investment.

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