One of the age old questions I get when teaching my clients about dog training is “ When can I trust my dog when I leave home ?” Or “ How old  does my puppy need to be before I can leave him out when I leave?” The answer is....... it depends. Before anything like that happens we must first instill the “Rules of the house “ to your puppy. Until that happens, you are setting you and your puppy up to fail. If your dog knows not to chew your favorite pair of shoes or the remote or chew your phone or the furniture or the walls, or pee and poop all over the house, then you might start leaving your dog alone for a little while . Say 15 to 20 minutes. Buying up a video camera with a mic and speaker and online ability is a solid choice for for learning how to build your confidence of leaving your dog alone. Stretching out the times longer and longer over the weeks. If you do see some behaviors you don’t want, you can use the app from the camera to tell your dog “No!” While not actually being there. Ha! What a surprise for your dog! You are always around. This keeps your dog thinking. If however the rules have not been established, you will certainly have a disaster awaiting you when you return home.  

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