Home Dog Training vs. Board and Train What is the best style of dog training for your dog? Should you go to a pet super store or group training for training classes? Maybe, but in my opinion that’s only good for socializing and minor obedience training. Like sit, stay stuff for puppy’s. It won’t really address the behavior problems in your home like chewing, potty training, boundaries, stealing, barking and everyday problems people encounter with a new puppy. How about boarding and training. Maybe! But in my opinion, that’s best for dogs over 6 months of age that have some established issues like jumping, running away, leash pulling and some aggressive problems and resource guarding. Most dogs don’t need this expensive and time away style of training. Plus most issues will resurface once home as the owners aren’t trained in continuing education and reinforcement. In home dog training solves both of these problems by working closely with the dogs and clients together to create a more balanced style that can be learned together to last a lifetime with grace and ease. That’s what K9-Coach Home Dog Training is all about.