Run Away and Escaping Dogs. It happens, you look out back and your dogs are missing. Or you come home and your not greeted by your happy pups. They are gone! How? What happened? Here are some tips to help you avoid this common dog problem. First let’s make sure that all gates and exits from the yard and closed and secure. Gardeners sometimes leave the gate open. Let’s put a spring closer on that gate with an auto close latch. Next the fence, is it tall enough? Some dogs can clear a 6 foot fence with ease. For those dogs look into “Coyote Rollers” for the top of the fence. Look under the fence for holes dug by rabbits and armadillos, they are big enough to let you little dog out with ease. Let’s put down 12” x 12” pavers in front of the area. And finally a GPS device or Apple Air Tag on your dogs collar and help locate your dog if she does escape. And of course you should probably be on The Next Door app. It’s amazing how many dogs are found there.