You might wonder what’s going on with the growl from your dog. You might even take it personally or be frightened a little. You might actually wonder if your dog is aggressive. Maybe your dog growls at other dogs or people. There are different growls for different occasions. A growl is a verbal warning in its most basic form. It's like saying to someone “ You better not touch my drums set” (Yes this is from the movie "Step Brothers" A verbal warning. A dog growl say, when he’s chewing a bone is sorta saying “ ahhhhh you better not mess with my bone”. Now what happens after that is open. If a warning is not heeded a snap/bite might follow, like a push before a fight. Thats how dogs talk to each other. If your dog growls at you in a serious way, you probably have a dog with behavior problems or you have a relationship with your dog where you are the beta in your dogs eyes. Are you always petting her when she demands it? Do you show affection constantly with out correction when necessary? Are you a pushover? If you are and your dog corrects you, growls etc, you may have a dominate dog. There are all sorts of growls, play growls, serious growls, scared growls, protective growls etc. But not all growls are dangerous. Next time, try to see it from your dogs perspective.

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