Have you ever wondered why your dog listens better to your significant other? When you call your dog to come to you, does she just look at you and yawn. But when your husband calls her she comes running. Or when you tell your dog to sit and he just looks at you, but when your wife says to him “sit” he does so with grace and ease. How about when there’s a loud noise like thunder or fireworks that scares your dog, who does she run to? Some of these issues are do to respect, some are due to treat training. Teaching your dog to sit with treats might have been done by the wife, so naturally your dog learns to sit when she says because there is a reward coming for sure. But teaching your dog obedience training without treats from a leadership perspective will encourage a respect/bond relationship which is priceless.  Training with your dog is definitely a way to bond, which leads to a decent recall when calling your dog. But ultimately, respect is what we are hoping for with our dogs relationship with us. Voice tones, body language are part of the tools of training, coddling, hovering and treats are the tools of disrespect and disappointment. A better way to love your dog is to set boundaries and enforce them consistently. Then when your dog understands you and your rules, that’s when the magical bond/trust can take place. Happy dog equals happy home life

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