Meeting other dogs at parks
Going to a park or dog park with your dog can be a great way to socialize your dog and exercise her too. But what about meeting another dog while walking on a leash? The trick here is to know thy dog and to recognize other dogs body language. Please do not let your dog pull you straight to another dog she has on her radar. That’s already a bad meeting with over excitement often leading to a leash fight.
First you have to have some control on the leash. Respect and an understanding. Not crazy and overly excited. Wait awhile until most all of the fresh energy of being at the park eases off. Walk around the park dumping energy all the while walking under control. Consider fence meetings on leash outside of the dog park first. Let meetings become a non event at the fence for a few trips. These are just a few tips to avoid a dog park attack. Have fun kids, be safe!